Hi, my name is Chase. I currently work with some of the top labels out in the industry. My beats been spreading like wild fire. Now i wanna make sure you guys get a taste of what I can do. I’ve set my own policy when it comes to making beats. If it dont slap, Delete It. And has been stuck to my beats ever since I started. So let me give you a little detour around the site.

Make your way to the Beats page and check out whats in store. There will be new releases every week so stay updated. Production of beats go from 1 to 5 beats a week. The style of beats are “Trap, Hyphy, & Function”. If your interested in these type of beat styles, be sure to listen to what I got in store.

All Purchases are done through Paypal (Also Accept Debit/Credit). Choose what beats you like and how many you want to buy. All beats will be sent VIA email and encoded into an MP3 File 320kbps. If you request a WAV file, Please message me at “cuttachasebeats@icloud.com”

How much does beats normally cost?They range around $20 – $1000+
Why Should I Buy Beats From You?I keep all beats original and have not been used by any artists
Is It Safe To Buy From You?Of Course! All Purchases are done through paypal and each transaction is safe and secure